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Agent 47 is an assassin who’s in service of “The Agency”, an organisation that teaches kids to become assassins and does jobs all over the world. 47’s latest assignment is to kill Russian president Mikhail Belicoff but after Agent 47 has completed his task, the media start reporting that the president is only wounded and luckily survived the assassination attempt. His failure now has marked Agent 47 for assassination so he decides to get to the bottom of the matter. He tracks down Belicoff’s girlfriend and together with her he intends to find out what’s going on with Belicoff.

Meanwhile, Interpol agent Mike Whittier is trying to capture Agent 47 as he’s convinced 47 is responsible for hundreds (if not more) assassinations all over the world.

Sound and Vision:
The image is pretty decent with not too many compression errors, bright colors and good contrast. Just what you expect from a recent release.

The sound comes in a 5.1 track that does its job nicely but a more aggressive DTS track would probably have suited the action even better.

– In the Crosshairs: Making Of which lasts for about 24 minutes
– Digital hits: short 10-minute feature on the popular videogame series
– Weapons of Destruction: 14 minute feature that covers the weapons used in the movie
– Setting the Score: 5 minute feature on the music
– Deleted scenes
– Bloopers

Hitman is based on the popular videogame series by Eidos and as with most “game-goes-movie” titles, the plot is rather ridiculous. One would think bald men with bardcodes on their neck would stand out of the crowd while hitmen are supposed to be inconspicuous. Not here though! Still, overall Hitman is better than most videogame adaptations in the sense that it’s quite enjoyable if you can look past the obvious plot flaws. Also it clearly outshines most of the B-movies that follow a similar storyline thanks to the reasonable acting although Olyphant does look a bit miscast as the cold killer Agent 47.

If you don’t set too high expectations, I’m sure you could have a nice time watching Hitman and although it won’t surprise you in any way, it won’t let you down either.

Our Score:

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