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Jimmy Hoffa (Nicholson) is one of the strong men of the Teamsters, the union, in the US. He fights for the rights of the working man and that isn’t always appreciated. When one of the Teamsters actions is a blockade of a truck company, a member of the mob contacts Jimmy and opens negotiations. Jimmy manages to pursuade the man to work together with the teamsters. The demands of the Teamsters are met and the blockade is finished. It’s the beginning of a good working relationship of the Teamsters with the maffia and also the start of Jimmy Hoffa’s career within the union.

While his career reaches the top as he becomes president of the international Teamsters union, his ties with the maffia start to haunt him and when Robert “Bobby” Kennedy and the Justice department finally lay their eyes on him, they manage to get him convicted and sent to jail. But Jimmy Hoffa isn’t the man to stay down when hit, and certainly not when he’s got the maffia and 1.8 million Teamsters members behind him…

Sound and Vision:
Big Deal DVD’s are budget releases and unfortunately with Hoffa it shows again in the image quality. The first part of the movie, you really don’t get the impression that you’re watching a budget release as detail, color use and contrast are definitely ok. During the second part however, compression errors start to appear and also grain is present. Really sad that the last 30 or 40 minutes spoil the overall image quality…

The soundtrack on the other hand is quite alright. The 5.1 track is very dynamic, has good spreading and adds a lot of atmosphere to the film.

None. You do get a lot of advertising of Fox before you get to the menu

Hoffa shows us how this historical union guy managed to launch his career within the teamsters and how his ties with the maffia and his stuggle for power finally brought him down. Through flashbacks we get to see a large part of his life and the important happenings in his career up until the moment he (probably) got murdered. Fox didn’t really pay much attention to the overall quality of the dvd and despite the inclusion of a very good 5.1 Dolby Surround track, the image quality could have been a lot better, certainly towards the ending of the film.

Since the dvd is released under the “Big Deal” brand, we shouldn’t expect any extras but it doesn’t mean we can’t regret the lack of any. I certainly hope that we’ll get to see a Special Edition in the near future.

Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito are again on a roll. Their performance along with that of the rest of the cast is exemplary and this makes “Hoffa” a classic nobody should miss.

Our Score:

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