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Holiday, The

Two women, Amanda and Iris (Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet) are involved with the typical perfect WRONG guys. To get away from them, they decide to switch houses. Amanda has it very difficult in Iris’s home near London and wants to fly back to LA after only 6 hours, that is until she meets Iris’s brother Graham (Jude Law). At the other end of the word, Iris has the time of her life as she spends time with Amanda’s neighbour Arthur and on top of that meets Miles (Jack Black).

Sound and Vision:
The image is decent with a good amount of detail, no compression errors or obnoxious grain and also edge enhancement isn’t present. Just as what you would expect from a recent release.

The sound comes in at 5.1 but don’t expect too much from it as after all this is a movie that runs on dialogue rather than special effects. The track does what it needs to do.


On the back of the cover is stated: “Bridget Jones Diary without the Big Knickers!” and I haven’t got much more to add. Maybe the emotions around love and hate are a little deeper but there’s also a little less humour. For sure this movie is much longer (total 128 minutes!!!) but it didn’t irritate me. The actors are wel chosen, their acting is very good and the story is told well. A decent romantic comedy without too much hassle, perfect for a Saturday night. Universal delivers this dvd with decent image and sound quality but some extras wouldn’t have hurt.

Our Score:

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