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Hollow Man

Kevin Bacon is Sebastian Caine, a brilliant scientist who is hired by the Pentagon to research the possibility of turning humans invisible. Together with his staff, he finds it’s pretty easy to bring people out of shift and turn them invisible. The real problem however, lays in bringing them back. When Sebastian finally finds the solution to the problem, and he and his crew bring back a gorilla out of quantum shift, Sebastian wants to take the research one step further and make himself invisible.

Although his crew first objects to the idea, he can convince them to help him. All goes well until the moment they want to make him visible again, which fails. Meanwhile, Sebastian starts to like his invisibility and starts abusing it. Slowly but steadily he turns insane and when his crew find out the terrible things he’s been doing they try to stop him. But how do you stop someone you can’t see ?

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of this DVD-release can be called almost perfect. No edge enhancement, sharp detail, good contrast and color use and only a few minor compression errors which are hardly noticeable.

The soundtrack is also very good although the use of the surround channels could have been a bit better for the special effects in my opinion. Also the scenes in the room where the animals are stored are a bit over the top.

We get two audio commentary tracks, the first with Paul Verhoeven, Kevin Bacon and Andrew W. Marlowe (storywriter) while the second gives us the voice of Jerry Goldsmith and the soundtrack of the film in DD5.1

We get a couple of behind the scenes documentaries which include footage and interviews with cast&crew. Some of the interviews and footage are used in multiple documentaries though. Last we have three deleted scenes, two trailers, filmography of Paul Verhoeven and main cast and picture-in-picture scenes where we get to see the difference between the taped image of the movie and the final cut.

Great special effects and good amount of extras. If you’re looking for a spectacular movie qua story on the other hand you will have to look elsewhere

Our Score:

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