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Hollywood Homicide

When a couple of upcoming rappers get killed in a discotheque, detectives Gavilan (Ford) and Calden (Hartnett) are put on the case and when they start investigating, they soon manage to put the link with a couple of other killings which leads them to the record company lead by Antoine Sartain. Meanwhile, both cops seem to have also other things on their mind as Gavilan is trying to earn some sidemoney by selling houses and Calden wants to become an actor.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with decent sharp image, lots of detail and good shadow depth and no grain. Edge enhancement and aliasing aren’t present but we did notice some minor compression errors.

The sound is good aswell with clear dialogues coming from the center speaker while the rear speakers are mostly used for music and the subwoofer to support some of the action. Not too many effects though as the film turns around dialogues mostly although the car chase nicely uses all available channels.

We start off the extras with some LAPD stories in which real cops tell stories about special things that happened to them while being on the job. Hollywood Homicide Confidential has some interviews with the main actors who tell all about the characters they play, after which we can check out the Hollywood Homicide Making Of which contains behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast & crew and generally gives a good overview of the whole production. Furthermore we get commentary tracks from the director and main cast and to end the extra’s there’s some filmographies and trailers.

Hollywood Homicide starts off as a diesel engine. The first half hour you’ll probably be wondering what the hell you’re watching as the pace is incredibly slow, the storyline seemingly leads to nowhere and the jokes are all but funny. However, after a while things start to get running and Ford manages to drag the movie away from certain disaster by his superb performance in a couple of scenes (the interrogation of Gavilan and Calden by Internal Affairs is just magnificent) which make up for quite a lot. All in all, Hollywood Homicide manages to become an average buddy/cop movie with a funny twist. Nothing special but certainly enjoyable if you can get past the first 30 minutes.

On the technical side we definitely can’t complain as Columbia has delivered again a nice piece of work and also the extras are decent

Our Score:

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