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After getting expelled from Harvard unjustified for drug abuse just a few months after graduating, Matt Buckner (Wood) leaves the US to head to England where he meets up with his sister Shannon. Unfortunately, Shannon’s husband Steve had just planned a romantic diner for the two of them so he gets left with Steve’s younger brother Pete. Despite Pete not being happy with the situation, he takes Matt along to a soccer game of his favorite club, West Ham United. After the match, Matt wants to go back home and leave Pete with his friends, but on the way back, he gets jumped by a couple of hooligans from the other team. Luckily Pete and his friends are still around and save him. It doesn’t take Matt long to find out that Pete is the leader of West Ham’s firm and as he hangs out more and more with Pete, he gets dragged into the life of hooligans…

Sound and Vision:
The movie has adjusted image to create a raw and cold atmosphere which perfectly fits the film. Some grain, aliasing and edge enhancement pop up now and then but all in all there’s little bad to say.

The dvd comes with both a Dolby Digital 5.1 and a DTS 5.1 track. Although the movie is centered around dialogue, both tracks do get used optimal and during the scenes in the stadiums, all channels come to full use to create that typical atmosphere. Also the subwoofer gets a bit of work and all in all we get a very decent track.


Hooligans is a small movie when it comes to budget and if it weren’t for Elijah Wood, it probably wouldn’t have had much publicity. So we’re lucky he decided to participate as it’s a very interesting film to watch. The cast perfectly fits the story although it does takes some adjusting to believe Wood as a hooligan. Too bad RCV didn’t add any extras but technically there’s little wrong with this dvd. Definitely a dvd to take a look at, if only to rent it.

Last note: although RCV put on the cover the title “Hooligans”, the movie on the dvd starts with the original title, “Green Street Hooligans”.

Our Score:

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