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Hostel – Part 2

Three American students that are studying at the art academy in Rome decide to go on a trip through Europe but when they meet one of the models from their art lessons who tells them about a fantastic spa in Slovakia they decide to skip their plans and follow the model. What they don’t know, however, is that there’s little relaxing at the spa and that they’re being sold off to get butchered by rich people with sadistic tendencies…

Sound and Vision:
Nothing specific to be said about the image and sound, everything is exactly what you would expect from a recent release. Image quality is good without any disturbing compression errors while the sound does a nice job in adding some additional atmosphere.

Quite a few extras on this disc starting with two audio commentary tracks by Eli Roth, Quentin Tarantino, Gabe Roth, Lauren German, Richard Burgi and Vera Jornanova. Then we get a couple of features that cover just about everything about how this movie was made and of course the obligatory stuff like bloopers, deleted scenes and trailers are also present.

Overall a decent package.

Eli Roth had a reasonably interesting movie with Hostel but instead of moving on and making something else that’s at least as interesting, he did what so many other directors have done before him: make a totally sucking sequel! Hostel – part 2 is like the first movie but with women in the main roles and less nudity. Yea, you read that right: more women, less nudity. Not that we find that something bad but at least the nudity from the first movie managed to keep the first half hour still somewhat interesting to watch. Hostel 1 was like a tripped-out version of the old Tiroler-sex movies which was kinda funny, but with that comedy left out, there’s little substance left.

If you want to see people getting butchered, you might still like Hostel – Part 2, but you’ll have to get through the enormously boring first part of the movie to get there and I can assure you that that is an accomplishment.

Our Score:

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