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Paxton and Josh are two Americans that are backpacking through Europe together with an Icelandic guy called Oli who they meet on their journey. Their single goal for the journey is to get some pussy and do a lot of partying but when they reach Amsterdam, they get word of a hostel in Slovakia where there’s tons of beautiful women and almost no competition. Apparently, Americans are even more liked than others so without a second thought, the guys head to the train station and depart. Once they arrive, it looks like their dreams have come true. Tons of willing girls are just waiting for them and the part can start!

After the first night, however, Oli gets missing and quickly, the two start to notice that something is wrong. But they’re very far away from California…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is very good with sharp images and lots of detail. The level of black is a bit off so that you often have the impression that things look a bit grey rather than black but luckily compression errors are down to a minimum.

The soundtrack nicely fits the atmosphere and does a very decent job with good positioning of the effects and a nice portion of low.

– Audio commentary track with director Eli Roth, executive producers Quentin Tarantino, Boaz Yakin and Scott Spiegel, actors Barbara Nedeljkova and Eythor Gudjonson, edotir Geargo Folsey Jr., web editor Harry Knowles, producer Chris Briggs and documentary maker Gabriel Roth.
– Multi-angle feature “Kill the Car!”
– Trailers
– Featurettes: three features that can be viewed with a “Play All” option. They show a lot of behind the scenes footage and cover most aspects of the production including special effects and pre-production. Not the standard promotional blabla but entertaining to watch.

Hostel is a wet dream come true for puritan Americans that want to see some boobs. The first part of the movie is filled with them and even Czech porn star Paula Wild makes an appearance. Once that is over, the really gore stuff can begin and we end up with the typical slaughterhouse-type gore action which is quite fun. Eli Roth, who previously made Cabin Fever, has really done all he can to make a typical horror movie with all the ingredients present: sex, drugs, music & tons of gore. Fans of the genre will most definitely appreciate it!

However, the movie as a whole doesn’t really stand out. The basic idea behind the storyline is pretty cool and the acting is reasonable (although the actor’s accents are terrible), but there’s nothing that really makes it special and the fact that about every clichĂ© in the book about Europeans is used doesn’t help much either (unless you’re American maybe).

On the technical side, Sony has done a decent (though not terrific) job and the extras are nice to check out. One thing that I do miss a bit in the extras is more Quentin Tarantino stuff. Except for the audio commentary track where he’s featured there nothing from him. All in all, this sick and gory movie will appeal to most horror lovers and it really does do a much better job than Roth’s previous movie, Cabin Fever.

Our Score:

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