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Hot Fuzz

Nicholas Angel is a much-decorated police officer who lives for his job. Unfortunately, he’s so dedicated that his arrest rate is 400% higher than that of his colleagues and since not everyone likes that, the police department in London decides to transfer him to Sandford, a village that has received numerous awards for being the best town in the UK. The little village looks pretty safe and crime-free, but that’s without counting Nicholas. Within ten minutes after his arrival he manages to kick everyone out of the local pub for being under age, and arrest a bunch of people that were loitering around on the streets. Even his new colleague Danny Butterman who was a bit too drunk gets slammed in jail.

The day after, Nicholas quickly discovers that things in Sandford are done a bit differently compared with the rest of the UK and after a while he starts to let his guard down a bit. However, when suddenly people start to be found dead, his policeman instinct wakes up again and while everyone is convinced these are just accidents, Nicholas is determined to find out the truth.

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with sharp images and plenty of detail. Nothing bad to be said there!

The sound is something different though. The EX track does an excellent job when it comes to steering the surround speakers. You’ll really have sound effects flying around your ears and feel like being in the middle of the action. Also the subwoofer nicely contributes to this, but unfortunately the center speaker seems to be a bit off as the dialogues are clearly a lot softer than the effects making it sometimes difficult to understand what’s being said.

Also something of note: the subtitles are sometimes a bit off and then play catch-up with the dialogue.

– The Man who wanted to be police
– Bloopers
– Storyboards
– Deleted Scenes
– Moviebook: the other side
– Hot Funk (TV version)
– Audio Commentary
– Trailers

If you look at this lineup you would think this dvd is filled with extras. Unfortunately they’re all pretty short and not really worth much. Don’t expect more than 10 minutes to go through them all (not including the commentary) so very disappointing to say the least.

Hot Fuzz is created by the same guys that were also responsible for Shaun of the Dead and this time they take on big blockbuster action movies instead of horror flics. Unlike American parodies, this movie is a lot more intelligent and works perfectly. There’s plenty to laugh with and although Hot Fuzz isn’t completely at the same level of Shaun of the Dead, you’ll find it hard to keep your mouth from turning into a smile or sometimes not to laugh out loud.

Comedies are one of the most difficult genres in movies but Hot Fuzz manages to be funny without being stupid and that’s an achievement in itself.

Our Score:

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