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Hotel Babylon Season 1

Hotel Babylon is a five-star hotel where general manager has just appointed Charlie Edwards as deputy manager. Together with their team including Jackie from housekeeping, Anna Thornton-Wilson and Ben from reception, Tony the concierge and Gino from the bar, they’ll make your stay as pleasant as possible. In a five-star hotel, almost anything is possible and you can be who you would like to be for the duration of your stay. It is the staff’s job to make sure all your wishes come true, no matter how strange or decadent.

Sound and Vision:
Hotel Babylon has very bright and shiny colors and overall everything looks like covered in neon, a bit like Las Vegas. Overall there isn’t much to complain but there are some compression errors present that do spoil the fun at times, especially when people are moving rapidly over the screen.

The surround speakers are almost constantly used for supporting music while dialogues are clear and understandable and nicely coming from the center speaker. The whole gives a vibrant and dynamic soundtrack that gives additional atmosphere to the series.


Hotel Babylon gives a good behind-the-scenes look at the workings of a five-star hotel and if you remove the casino you can even see the series as a British competitor to the successful series “Las Vegas”. Of course, you have to add a decent portion of subtle English humour in the mix but it works perfectly. Hotel Babylon is a good mixture of comedy, drama and tension and the cast does an excellent job in giving depth to their characters. Also the storylines are pretty interesting to follow and the red lines throughout the series will keep you longing to check out the next episodes.

Just Entertainment could have done a better job at the image quality – especially seeing that there’s only 2 episodes on one disc with a total of four discs – and also some extras wouldn’t have hurt. Still, definitely worth checking out as the series itself is top quality!

Our Score:

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