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Hour Of Victory

The last few years World War 2 has been milked so hard that you begin to doubt if it’s smart to bring out a completely new game in this setting. NFusion thought it was and developed Hour of Victory in cooperation with publisher Midway. Has they succeeded? Not quite…

The developer took a big risk developing a game in the same setting of Medal of Honor and Call of Duty. If you want to compete with these franchises, you better have some new features combined with a gameplay and graphics that are so addictive you want to keep playing. Sadly all those elements are missing.

The biggest innovation was the ability to choose out of 3 classes. The first class was the Commando, who relied on brute strenght and can push boxes that are blocking his progress. The second class was the Army Ranger who can climb ropes to shoot the enemy from higher ground. The last class was the Covert Operative, who can cut fences and lockpick doors. These 3 different play styles could have given the player an excellent singleplayer, but somebody forgot to tell that to the people at NFusion.

You have for example a level where you have to ‘sneak’ through the sewers, but what’s the use of a stealth character if you constantly get thrown into firefights? It’s much easier to just play the Commando, since all you will do is storm the enemy and shoot like crazy. His resistance against bullets is much more useful then the ability to jump further or make stealth kills. Each character will be able to use their other specific skills, but the impact on the game itself is hardly noticeable since these minor detours always bring you back to the same general area. Because of this, the game loses a lot of its replay value.

The intelligence of the Germans is also a bit lacking. I’ve been standing right behind a German soldier while he just stood there staring at a wall. Other examples in the game are during the firefights, when enemies look for cover. instead of looking for cover on the opposite side of a wall or table, they take cover on your side. Also it seems they all have ear plugs because when wipe out a group of enemies in one room, the Germans in the next room will just wait until you enter instead of rushing over to your location.

During the game you will also be assisted by several Allied soldiers. As with many games these soldiers are more for show instead of been useful. Most of the time you’ll need to kill all the enemy soldiers yourself, because waiting until your Allies do it can take some time.

On the department of graphics you would think that with a license of the famous Unreal 3.0 Engine, you could produce some beautiful images. The developer has proven to us that with their game this is not true. What use does it have to use one of the most advanced 3D engines currently on the market when you don’t use it’s power? You’re better off using a 3D engine from the previous generation then.

On the department of sound there’s also not much positive news to tell. The sound effects and voices are quite mediocre. In other words nothing special. This is quite sad when you can let the player feels with your game with the right sound just as much as the latest graphics.

Those that survived the torment of the singleplayer, can play with other people who have a deathwish on the multiplayer. There are 3 different modes, deathmatch, devastation and capture the flag. The most irritating thing is the tune that is been played everytime someone dies. after a while you’ll just turn off your sound simply to stop hearing it!

Now what can we conclude after this? Avoid this game at all cost or buy it and give it to people you hate or just want to have some free gamerpoints. All other gamers should wait for another World War 2 shooter.

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