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House M.D. Season 1

Dr. Greg House is a brilliant doctor specialised in viral and bacterial infectious diseases. His intelligence, however, is surpassed by his arrogance and bluntness. And that not only towards colleagues but also towards his patients and bosses. “Everyone lies” is his favorite idea and he uses it all the time when trying to find a correct diagnosis for a patient who’s ill. You really won’t want him to be your doctor for his bedside manners! And to make things even better, he’s suffering from a constant chronic pain which makes him take Vicodin pills all the time. Yep, he’s an addict alright!

Still, with his hand-picked team of specialists he manages to save lives over and over again and manages to get respect despite his “great” personality.

Sound and Vision:
The image suffers from quite some compression errors which is sad seeing that it does meddle with the viewing experience for such a terrific series. The contrast, level of detail and color use on the other hand are pretty decent for a TV series.

The sound comes with a full 5.1 track which uses the surround speakers in a subtle way for some effects and music but the emphasys does remain on the front channels.

– The Concept
– Casting Session with Hugh Laurie
– Medical Cases
– Set Tour
– House-isms
– Dr. House

There’s a “Play All” function present to check out all the extras in one row and personally I think this is the best thing to do. All of them are pretty much the same and give some insight on the creation of the series but seperately they offer too little information and too much footage from the episodes to be seen as a true “extra”. All together on the other hand, they’re a quick and fun feature that’s worth checking out for once.

House M.D. is a hospital series but not like any you’ve seen before. Instead of the usual tons of cases and romances between doctors and nurses, House M.D. looks at the hospital cases like a detective show. Instead of cops looking for a murderer, you’ve got doctors looking for the correct disease and treatment and I must say that it’s a refreshing look at the concept. House M.D. is centered around the arrogant and obnoxious character of Dr. Gregory House, perfectly played by Hugh Laurie, who manages to each time find the solution to the problem while in the meantime being extremely aggressive and pushing everyone in his surroundings away. His “honesty” (aka blutness) is truly funny to see. The series is very enjoyable and most definitely something I would recommend to anyone. Great stuff!

Universal delivers the series on six disks but unfortunately there’s no widescreen and plenty of compression errors present. The extras all together are interesting to watch once but seperately they’re way too shallow.

Our Score:

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