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House M.D. Season 2

The world’s most irritating and anti-social doctor is back! In this second season, House not only falls in love again but also gets problems within his team as they are getting fed up with his behaviour while on the other hand their ambition starts popping up which also causes internal struggles. Meanwhile, House and his team diagnose one deadly disease after another and this time he even takes on God!

Sound and Vision:
Like in the first season, again we get quite a number of compression errors to swallow. To make the pil feel slightly better, Warner has decided to put the series on dvd in its original widescreen format of 1.78:1 instead of 4:3 like with the first season. A small improvement over season 1 but it can still be better.

The sound is pretty good with clear dialogues and decent use of the surround speakers for music and special effects.

– An evening with House
– Bloopers
– Alternative takes
– Audio Commentary tracks by executive producers David Shore and Katie Jacobs

Lovers of audio commentary tracks will have a blast but for the rest only the “evening with house” is interesting. This is a q&a session where we get some background info on the show and how it came to be. Quite interesting, but the extras from season 1 were better.

In this second season of House M.D. we get to see some more struggles inside House’s team along with more development of the House character itself. The different episodes still follow the same formula of detective-like looking for a cure and it still works perfectly, making you watch one after the other without ever getting bored. The sarcasm from House is something we’re getting used to, but Hugh Laurie still manages to be so rude at times that you can’t hold back from laughing. Technically the image can still be improved but the sound is exactly what it should be. Although the extras are a bit less than in season 1, they’re still worth checking out.

All in all definitely the best medical TV-show on dvd at the moment

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