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House M.D. Season 3

House has recovered from his gunshot wound and his leg isn’t hurting anymore… for a while at least. After some time his old pain returns and Vicodin remains a perfect partner for Dr. House. Unfortunately for him, so does his attitude and when he insults a cop, the guy decides it’s time to teach House a lesson… Next to that we get to see the usual “strange” cases and House’s usual attitude towards his staff, but this season that attitude might bring some consequences House didn’t expect.

Sound and Vision:
There are some minor compression errors but over the global line the image is sharp and with lots of detail so we’ll forgive Universal for the small flaws on the quality.

The sound is nice with some good music tracks that add to the atmosphere while the dialogues are always crystal clear. Nothing bad to be said there!

Audio commentary track, a feature on the props, a dissection of one episode, production house, bloopers, and shooting session for the soundtrack. Nice stuff.

Season 3 of House M.D. brings a lot on House’s plate and not only on a medical aspect. This time we get to see a lot more character development as well as a bunch of rather unexpected turns that improve the (already pretty good) series a lot.

Whether you like hospital series or not, House M.D. manages to keep you clustered to the screen thanks to great performances from the cast and scripts that keep bringing surprises to the storylines. While most series tend to start repeating themselves after a while, this third season manages to avoid that and remains refreshing to watch.

Definitely a series to check out!

Our Score:

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