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House of Blood

When Doctor Madsen has an accident involving a prison transport, he gets taken hostage by the prisoners who kill the surviving guards. The group decides to head for the Canadian border but after a while running around the bushes, they end up at an old house. They overtake the inhabitants (strange folks that are dressed in medieval clothing and speak an ancient dialect) and decide to make a small stop to have some rest. However, as time progresses, the folks from the house start acting really weird…

Sound and Vision:
Everything looks very 80s in this movie and that also goes for the image quality. The colors are a bit pale and the amount of detail could be a lot better. The overall feel you get is that of an amateur movie shot with a cheap camera.

The sound comes with even a DTS track but don’t expect too much.

None, luckily

Think of 1980s cult horror movies with poor acting and horrible special effects that were so bad they became funny and you’ll come close to the experience you get from this movie that was released in 2006. I would recommend scrapping the “funny” part though as this movie doesn’t become funny at any time. The overall image and sound quality nicely goes along with the spirit of the movie: it sucks. The good thing, however, is that there aren’t any extras that we had to check out

Our Score:

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