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Hudsucker Proxy, The

Director Waring Hudsucker (Durning) jumps out of the window of his very successful company Hudsucker Industries. Why ? Nobody knows. The number two of the company, Sidney J. Mussburger (Newman) sees in it the perfect opportunity to take over Hudsucker Industries but the only problem is that the stocks are way too high for the moment so he needs to find a way to get them to collapse without anyone finding it fishy. He makes up the perfect plan: get some idiot to run the company and the stocks will go down in no time. And he finds his idiot quite soon in the person of Norville Barnes (Robbins) who managed to almost set Mussburger’s office on fire and let an important contract fly out the window.

Journalist Amy Archer (Jason Leigh) finds it strange that such a new man gets put on the director’s chair and infiltrates the company as a secretary to find out more about Barnes. Unfortunately for Mussburger, Barnes manages to run Hudsucker industries very well, even so good that the stocks rise even further, but Mussburger isn’t going to let things go by that easy…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality suffers from serious compression errors in certain scenes aswell as color bleeding. We really don’t expect that from Universal but it seems they didn’t pay much attention to this. The colors are rather depressing but that’s because of the directors. The amount of detail and sharpness are ok and the amount of grain isn’t all too bad either. Overall this could have been better though.

Where Universal didn’t pay much attention to the image quality, the sound has been upgraded from a 2.0 track to 5.1. This is mostly to make sure the dialogues are very clear and understandable and give an extra dimension to the symphonic music that accompanies the film.


It’s taken 10 years to release this movie on DVD and to be honest, it’s quite thin. Although the soundtrack has been upgraded, the image quality could have been spared from compression errors. Extras aren’t present either which makes the disappointment even bigger. On the movie-part we can easily say that the Coen brothers have made a lot of comedies and that not all of them are accessible to everyone and this is one of those. It’s a great film, but not everyone will understand all the jokes. A great movie for someone that’s looking for some intellectual comedy

Our Score:

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