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Hulk (2 Disc SE)

David Banner (Nolte) is a scientist who works for the military. Years he’s been working on an experiment that should make it possible for humans to heal extremely quickly. However, his work isn’t in the likings of his boss, Ross (Elliott) who prevents him to test his formula on humans. David decides to test it on himself but at first there isn’t really much effect. In fact, he’s lucky to stay alive. When little later, his son gets born, David realises he’s passed the formula onto his son genetically and he realises he has to work even harder to make sure he can find a cure to get the formula out of the body of his son Bruce. Ross isn’t too pleased with Banner’s work though and shuts down the whole project.

Years later, Bruce is a full grown adult and a scientist. He’s surpressed several memories about his childhood and doesn’t know his name is Banner. All he knows is that he’s adopted, but he keeps having nightmares about his childhood. When one day an accident happens in his laboratory, he gets gamma radiation all over himself. While he should be dead, Bruce remains alive and in fact, he even feels better than ever. Still, little later when he gets a bit angry, he can’t manage to keep himself under control anymore and he transforms into something completely different… he becomes The Hulk…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality is pretty good with only a minor hardly noticeable compression errors once in a while. Colors are nice and deep while level of detail and sharpness are very well done.

The soundtrack is truly magnificent. The center speaker nicely gives us the dialogues while the front speakers show the score in full force. The surround channels are agressively used for the effects while the subwoofer really gets action more than maybe your living room can stand. Truly a soundtrack to test your system on.

Disc one contains an audio commentary track with Ang Lee as well as a Hulk Cam (extra info on certain scenes while watching the movie) and some dvd rom options. Most of the extra’s are located on disc two however.

We start off with the Making Of the Hulk where cast & crew can talk about how they enjoyed making the film while also the special effects are discussed aswell as the soundtrack. Then we go to “Evolution of the Hulk” which gives a history of Marvel and development of the Hulk character, spoken by none else than Stan Lee himself. “Anatomy of the Hulk” is a feature where you can select several body parts of the character to get some extra info and footage of the movie which we tend to skip to head straight to “The Fantastic Ang Lee” which is some kind of tribute to the director and where is stated that The Hulk is the biggest production of Universal up until now. The Dog Fight Scene gives some behind-the-scenes footage and interviews concerning this specific scene after which you can check out “The Unique Style of Editing HULK” where we again get some interviews accompanied by images from the comics. Hulkification has four world renowned illustrators doing their own impression of a certain scene and you can check them out in a multi-angle presentation. Meanwhile you can also check out their biographies and compare their drawings with the original storyboards. Last up are the deleted scenes and some more dvd rom features. All in all quite some interesting extras that surely are worth taking a look at.

The Hulk is the latest comic book super hero to get his transformation towards the big screen and I must say that Ang Lee did a great job. The Hulk may be computer animated but it’s really well-done and the storyline is better than you would expect from a rather dumb creature that doesn’t do much more than thrash things. Combined with the good (but not perfect) image quality, a perfect soundtrack and pretty good extras, this is definitely one to take a look at!

Our Score:

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