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Hunger, The

Myriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve) lives together with her husband John (David Bowie). However, they’re not just your ordinary couple. The two of them are immortals and feed on blood to stay young. When John starts to loose his hair, it becomes clear that although he feeds well, his inability to sleep is causing him to grow old rapidly. In search for a solution, John contacts Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon), a geriatric researcher who thinks there’s a link between sleep and aging.

However, Myriam knows what is happening with John as it has happened with all her previous companions, and she is looking for a new person that can keep her company for the following years, and Sarah is the ideal victim…

Sound and Vision:
The image is rather soft at times and there’s some minor print damage but overall Warner did a pretty decent job in cleaning things up.

The soundtrack is a 1.0 mono track and sounds really dated.


The Hunger has quite a lot going for it. First of all, the film is based on a book by Whitley Strieber, it’s got one hell of a cast (you’ll never find another movie where you see Susan Sarandon having sex with Catherine Deneuve) AND it’s directed by Tony Scott who made his debute with this film. Still, it looks and sounds very dated and although it’s very stylish, it’s clear that it’s past its expiration date with it’s very 80’s feeling and music. The fact that there’s an awful-sounding mono track available doesn’t help either. Only for the fans…

Our Score:

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