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Hunted, The

Aaron Hallam (Del Toro) is one of the best special ops men of the US army. However, when he comes back from a mission in Kosovo, his psychological stability is far from ok and he starts using his deadly techniques on civilians. The army tries to catch him but when they notice they are unable to do so, they call in the help of L.T. Bonham (Jones), Hallam’s former teacher who taught him everything he knows. Together with the FBI Bonham will set up a manhunt and in the end both men will have to face each other with only one who can survive the battle…

Sound and Vision:
The widescreen 1.85:1 image is terrific without any compression errors, edge enhancement or grain. Colors are natural but due to the use of normal daylight they seem a bit different than in most movies which is exactly what the makers wanted. Sharpnes, level of black, shadow depth and contrast are all very good. Decent work from Buena Vista.

The surround track nicely uses all available channels although the subwoofer tends to fall back a bit. Rear channels are used in split-surround while dialogues are nicely understandable and positioned at the center speaker. A decent track which shows that modern movies shouldn’t have any problems anymore.

We start off with an audio commentary track by director William Friedkin how the movie was made after which we can check out some deleted scenes, a Making Of, a short featurette where a real tracker talks about how he helped with the production and a short documentary about martial arts specialists. Last up are a feature about the circumstances in which the movie was shot and the obligatory trailer. Good stuff.

Benicio Del Toro against Tommy Lee Jones. One would expect a good movie from two such great actors, but that’s without counting a sucky script. The storyline hardly fits together and has holes the size of a meteorite crater in it. The only thing that keeps this movie together is the fact that Del Toro keeps up his high standard of acting, but for the rest I wouldn’t recommend this to people looking for a decent story. Technically, everything is A-OK and Buena Vista clearly did a great job

Our Score:

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