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I Am Legend

When female scientist Alice Krippin finds a cure for cancer, the world feels saved and people all over are getting inoculated. Pretty soon, however, it becomes clear that the virus causes mutations, killing people and turning the rest into deadly monsters. Three years later, 6 billion people are dead, 600 million have mutated into the so-called Darkseekers that have an aversion to UV-light, and only 12 million seem to be immune but are being hunted by the Darkseekers as food.

One of the survivors is military scientist Robert Neville who lost his wife and daughter and is now all alone in Manhattan with his dog. Every day he goes out to look for food and hope to meet other survivors. He also tries to capture isolated Darkseekers in order to experiment on them with his blood in the hopes of finding a cure. When the night falls, however, he makes sure to be back in his fortified house. Meanwhile, the Darkseekers are waiting for Neville to make a mistake and they’re getting smarter every day…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality of I Am Legend is very good. No compression errors, grain or other obnoxious things that spoil the fun. The colors are bright, the contrast is good, and there’s only a couple of scenes where things are so dark that it’s a bit hard to follow what’s going on. On the other hand that’s done also to increase the atmosphere.

The sound is also good but not exceptional. Dialogues are clear and understandable and the action that’s present is done nicely with good use of the subwoofer and surround channels. Why Warner doesn’t include a DTS track remains a mystery though.

A couple of animated comics is all we get. There’s also a 2-disc version that has some more.

I Am Legend is the third time this story by Richard Matheson from 1954 gets turned into a movie with “The Omega Man” from 1971 (with Charlton Heston) probably being the most well-known up to now.

This time we get Will Smith in the lead and to be honest: he does an excellent job. It’s not easy to carry more than half a movie with only a dog as counterpart but he nicely pulls it off. Also something that’s better than in The Omega Man is the plot turn where this time the zombies still get smarter but don’t start up some stupid cult. Really nice to see that part from the previous version wasn’t taken over. There are probably lots of people out there that found I Am Legend to be boring as hell but I believe it’s got to do with setting your expectations right. If you’re looking for a straghtforward action movie, then this one is not something you want to go for. I Am Legend is more about psychology than action, just as the original story was intended, and as such it does a great job.

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