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I Inside, The

Simon Cable (Philippe) awakes at the hospital. He doesn’t know how he got there but his doctor (Stephen Rea as Dr. Newman) tells him he was having convultions and has had his stomach pumped. Everything seems ok for the moment though, until the doc tells Simon it’s 2002. 2 years later than Simon’s last memory. When Newman tells him his wife is waiting outside, things really become awkward as Simon doesn’t even remember ever getting married. Newman leaves and seconds later a woman called Clair (Polley) enters but when Simon tells her he can’t remember her, she runs away. Simon tries to follow her but then he runs into Newman again who is accompanied by another woman who in fact is his wife (but he doesn’t remember her either). As things start getting more and more complicated, Simon suddenly finds himself waking up in the same hospital but in the year 2000…

As time progresses, it becomes clear to Simon that he’s constantly switching between two time periods and although he knows something is bad, he first has to try to find out what in order to fix it. However, fixing it might not make everything good again, it may even make things worse than they already were…

Sound and Vision:
The image lacks some detail in the dark scenes and at times it tends to be a bit on the soft side. However, no real problems are present that might spoil your viewing fun.

The soundtrack is adequate but nothing really special. It does what it needs to do but doesn’t really get noticed.


The notion of timetravel and altering history has gotten known again with The Butterfly Effect so many people will probably think this movies tries to continue the success of the that one. Nothing is less true however, as The I Inside was released in theaters a year earlier. Ryan Philippe tends to choose movies that aren’t real blockbusters but do have a certain edge that makes them interesting to watch (Cruel Intentions, Way of the Gun) and this one isn’t any different. Good acting and a nice storyline with decent plot twists. However, the major downpoint is that almost all plot changes have been used in other movies already and this makes the movie too familiar to be original.

Still, if you’re looking for an above average thriller at a budget price, this one might definitely please you. Not a true keeper though so you might as well rent it first and then decide.

Our Score:

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