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I Witness

James Rhodes (Daniels) is the local Human Rights Watch director who has to oversee the upcoming union elections in a big American firm when 27 bodies are found in a collapsed tunnel in Tijuana. He starts to investigate the matter and doesn’t really get much cooperation from the local authorities who describe the matter as being a drug-related issue. When the drug baron sends for Rhodes, it becomes clear that there’s more to it than what the eye perceives and Rhodes may just be the next victim…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality has some problems with grain, especially in the beginning of the movie, but as time goes, the image becomes better and better. Level of detail, sharpness, color use and contrast are all very good. Only too bad we don’t get a widescreen anamorphic picture…

The 5.1 track is very good although there aren’t many effects. Only at the very last you’ll really hear that it’s a surround track and not just 2.0 as most of the movie turns around dialogues and not action.


From time to time you get to see a jewel of a movie which you hadn’t expected. Jeff Daniels is great as the Human Rights Watch director while James Spader only has a supportive role but constantly manages to give some weight to the movie. The tension is all around and up until the very ending you’ll be sitting on the corner of your seat. Great work that you should definitely check out !

Our Score:

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