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Ice Age

The Ice Age is coming up and all animals are heading south towards the warmer parts in the world. All except Manfred though… the grumpy Mammut always wants to do things different from the rest and therefore he’s heading North. On his journey he meets Sid the Sloth who was left behind by his family. Although Manfred doesn’t want to have anyone accompanying him, Sid stays at his side like an irritating bug. When the two find a human baby, Sid manages to convince Manfred that they have to get the baby back to its parents but the problem is that they don’t know where the humans are. That is, until they meet Diego, a Sabretooth tiger who doesn’t mind accompanying them in their journey to the humans. However, what they don’t know is that Diego is part of a pack of Sabretooths that were hunting for the baby and that he’s in fact leading them into a trap…

Sound and Vision:
Except for some minor edge enhancement, Ice Age has perfect image quality which is quite normal seeing that we’re talking about a digital movie.

The same can be said for the soundtrack. Great music, lots of surround effects and everything supported by a nice bass. A very atmospheric track with a natural sound and excellent dynamic.

– Audio commentary track by director Chris Wedge
– Animation Progression: different stages of the animation proces brought in a multi-angle feature
– Under the Ice: A Making Of and six short features that all give some background information on the making of a CG-animated movie. Quite good.
– International Ice Age: the French, German, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Kantonese, Korean and Greec voices for the movie
– Scrat’s Missing Adventures: nice animated movie that shows a new adventure of this squirrel that keeps popping up all over the movie
– Scrat Reveals: three presentations of the Fox logo including Scrat
– Design Galleries: concept art, a size comparison between the different animals of Ice Age and also scientific descriptions of each animal
– Deleted Scenes including optional commentary
– Bunny: short CG movie that was created by the makers of Ice Age and was awarded an Oscar for best short animation movie in 1998
– Trailers

The last couple of years we’ve been overwhelmed with terrific animated movies like Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Shrek, A Bug’s Life, and so on. Ice Age can easily be put in this lineup as it’s got some incredibly funny scenes, a compelling storyline and decent acting. Ice Age is the first big animated movie for director Chris Wedge but the fact that afterwards he was allowed to start work on “Robots” already prooves that this movie was a success.

The dvd is available at a low price but still contains quite some decent extras that are certainly worth checking out. Definitely something most people will enjoy watching.

Our Score:

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