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During a very bad storm, 10 complete strangers all end up in a motel. They seem to be stuck with one another for a while. However, after a while certain accidents start to happen and it doesn’t take them long to figure out that there’s a murderer present aswell. One by one they’re getting killed and when they realise they all have the same birthday, things really start to get weird…

Sound and Vision:
The picture quality is of very high standard as we’re used from Columbia Tristar with sharp image and lots of detail while shadow depth – which is very important due to the high amount of dark scenes – is also top notch. Edge enhancement or compression errors are abscent so we can clearly state that you’ll really enjoy watching this movie quality.

The soundtrack lacks some support from the rear speakers although they are used for atmospheric music but little effects. The dialogues are clear and understandable and positioned nicely at the front center speaker. Overall the soundtrack is good.

We start off with two audio commentary tracks, the first being from the director after which you can check out the one from the screenwriter. Best feature for me was that there’s actually 2 versions of the movie on the disc, the normal version which you could check out at the movies but there’s also and extended version and to be honest: I don’t know why they didn’t show the extended from the beginning as it didn’t bore me one second. “Stars – on the Set” is a pretty decent Making Of with interviews of the main cast & crew. Next up are 4 deleted scenes where you can have director’s commentary aswell if you want. Then there’s a storyboard comparison and filmographies and we finish the extra’s with trailers of Identity, 13 Ghosts, Darkness Falls and Hollow Man

Identity is a decent thriller with a supernatural twist which has a high entertainment value. Once the clue is given, the movie continues and you just know that something is still going to happen but the twist in storyline is still pretty good althoug not too original. The image and sound quality are above average so we can only congratulate Columbia Tristar for bringing us again a technically high-standard dvd. The extras are interesting and will keep you occupied for a while and the extended movie is definitely worth checking out. Overall, this dvd is a must have if you like this genre of movies

Our Score:

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