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In a Dark Place

Anna Veigh gets hired as a nanny to look after a couple of very rich kids at the Bly mansion but when she starts actually working, all kinds of strange things start to happen. When the staff leaves the house for the weekend, things turn for the worse…

Sound and Vision:
There’s quite some edge enhancement present and the print isn’t completely free from compression errors either. Also the image constantly looks like being stretched.

The sound is mostly focused on the front speakers and you shouldn’t expect much action from the surrounds or subwoofer.


In a Dark Place last for 94 minutes but seems to last for ever. The movie has the pace of a slug on valium, the characters are as deep as cardboard and the overall acting is as vivid as a corpse that’s been laying in the ground for 10 years. I could write down entire pages on what’s all wrong with this movie but I’m scared that in the end this review would get bigger than the actual script. I’m guessing I’m already pretty close to that so I better just stop.

Conclusion: don’t bother even renting this boring movie

Our Score:

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