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In Bruges

After Ray finished his first job and accidentally killed a kid in the process, he and his fellow hitman Ken are sent to Bruges by their boss, London crime kingpin Harry. There they need to wait for Harry to call and remain as discrete as possible.

While Ken is feeling great and wants to explore the culture of the city, Ray feels like he’s gone to hell and is bored completely. To have something to do, Ray goes out at night and as such meets Chloe, a rather beautiful young Belgian woman who he feels attracted to. Although torn by guilt over the death of the little boy, Ray starts seeing a light in his life again. But then Harry’s call arrives…

Sound and Vision:
The movie has some extremely nice pictures of Bruges that are perfect for promoting the city but for the rest the overall image quality is rather standard. Nothing special for a DVD.

The sound only starts getting noticed towards the end and then it does add to the overall atmosphere but for the rest of the movie it’s as discrete as the two hitmen in Bruges.

There are a number of extras present and those interested in Bruges will be interested in them.

– Deleted Scenes
– Gag Reel
– When in Bruges
– A Boat Trip Around Bruges
– F**king Bruges

In Bruges is a great thing for the tourism department of Bruges. Half the movie looks like advertising for the city and even the fact that one of the characters at the end compares it with hell won’t stop people coming over in great numbers to check out the “fairytale-like” buildings, bridges and canals. Unfortunately, as a movie, In Bruges doesn’t succeed so well. It tries to be a dark comedy but although there are some decent jokes here and there, the first part is quite boring. When crime lord Harry (Ralph Fiennes) comes into the picture things start to become more interesting but then we’re already almost at the finish line and trying to wonder whether we actually liked the movie or not.

In Bruges never manages to really grab you by the balls, make you laugh out loud or in fact bring forth any emotion. As such it’s a pitty as the acting performances by the cast are quite alright, but if other actors would have been cast, I’m pretty sure this film would never have received any attention.

Our Score:

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