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Incredibles Special Edition, The

After Mr.Incredible saves someone who tried to commit suicide, people start sueing superheroes at an immense rate. The government sets up a relocation programme and gives all superheroes amnesty under the condition that they will never ever take their role of superhero on again. Bob (Mr.Incredible) is married with Helen (Elastigirl) and they have three children: Violet and Dash, who both also have superpowers, and a baby. To earn money, Bob has taken on a job at an insurance company where he has to squeeze every little dime out of poor people and although he has a problem with that, he tries to continue doing his work as Helen wants to live a normal life. However, in his free time, Bob sometimes heads out with his friend Frozone to do some anonymous hero acts.

When Bob finally gets fired, a woman who calls herself Mirage contacts him and offers him the possibility to use his powers again: she offers him a large amount of money if he takes on an advanced robot that has gone crazy on the remote Nomanisan Island. Bob agrees with the deal and tells Helen he has to go to a congress for work. When he’s succeeded in his work, he returns and things look to be going terrific. He again has confidence in himself and with the money he has earned, he buys a new car. Helen doesn’t suspect a thing.

When Mirage contacts Bob again, he immediately heads off but this time Helen starts to suspect something is wrong as she has intercepted Mirage’s call. When she starts to investigate, she finds out Bob doesn’t work at the insurance company anymore and has had Edna Mode make a new suit for him. Meanwhile, Bob finds out that his employer is the evil villain Syndrome who wants to get rid of all superheroes…

Sound and Vision:
This movie is made completely digital and that means a perfect image quality. The artefact you see in the beginning are set up deliberately.

The THX-optimised Dolby digital 5.1 EX track is filled with effects and constantly uses all available channels. Truly a track that can be used to demonstrate your home cinema set although a DTS track might have been even better.

Disc 1 :
– Trailers
– Short movie to promote “Cars”
– Short movie introduction by Brad Bird and John Walker
– Audio commentary track by director Brad Bird and producer John Walker
– Audio commentary track by animators Tony Fucile, Steven Hunter and Alan Barillaro.

Disc 2:
– Introduction by Brad Bird
– Jack-Jack Attack: short movie that shows what’s happening at home with the babysitter while the heroes are away
– Deleted scenes: animated storyboards with an intro by Mark Andrews and Brad Bird along with a “play all” option
– Making Of: focus on the technical crew
– More Making of The Incredibles: focus on the technical side of creating the characters, lighting, sound, …
– E-Volution
– Incredi-Blunders: rendering errors
– Art gallery
– Publicity: teaser and two trailers
Lighting en Collages. In de Publicity-subsectie vinden we de befaamde ik-krijg-mijn-broek-niet-toe teaser en twee trailers, ook weer met een play all uitgerust.
– NSA Files: database about the heroes from the movie
– Mr.Incredible & Friends: short movie where Mr.Incredible, Frozone and Skipperdoo save the world. Additionally there’s a commentary track where Mr.Incredible and Frozone talk about the cartoon. Quite funny.
ectie af te sluiten vinden we ook nog de NSA Files terug, een databank met persoonlijke gegevens van individuele en groepen superhelden uit de film.
– Boundin’: animation short movie

Pixar is back with the The Incredibles. Or, how superheroes can be quite funny in their average daytime life. Ok, we never get to the level of Shrek or Finding Nemo but nonetheless, The Incredibles is a very entertaining movie that more than once managed to get a smile on my face and that’s already something. The kids will love it as they love everything that comes from Pixar, while the parents won’t be bored to death. Decent quality stuff that doesn’t excel but is made professionally enough to make everyone enjoy themselves while watching. It doesn’t happen all too often that an animation studio makes so many hits in a row and Disney will really feel the pain of Pixar hooking up with other companies.

Buena Vista has done a terrific job again with this DVD release. There’s nothing to complain about except maybe the lack of a DTS track.

Our Score:

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