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Independence Day Extended Version

July 2nd. Huge objects are approaching Earth from outer space. Before long it becomes clear that these are space ships and attempts to communicate with the aliens start up. All over the world, ships arrive above major cities and take place near strategic points. July 3rd. All attempts to communicate with the aliens have failed and the space ships destroy most major cities in the world. This act of aggression gets followed by a major attack by smaller alien ships that start destroying all earth’s known defesenses. It seems Earth will be lost. July 4th. The US military have regrouped around Area51 where scientists are working on a way to destroy the aliens. The final showdown is near.

Sound and Vision:
The image contains sporadic dirt as well as some edge enhancement. For the rest we really can’t complain as there’s plenty of detail, sharp image and good contrast.

We get a decent Dolby Digital 5.1 track but we do prefer the new DTS 5.1 track which wasn’t on any previous release. Lots of use of the surround speakers, supported by a good amount of low, make for a dynamic track with lots of detail and atmosphere.

– Audio Commentary track by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin
– Trailer “The Day After Tomorrow”

A plot that contains holes as big as the spaceships that invade earth, an “all-american” feel, and acting that is often over the top. On the other hand you get visual effects that still look impressive and a soundtrack that blows your living room away. Independence Day isn’t a movie where you need a lot of brains but it’s got tons of entertainment value and this dvd release excells with the new DTS soundtrack. Add to that the fact that the image quality has improved over the previous releases and that this dvd is sold at a budget price and there’s absolutely no reason not to get it.

The only minor downpoint is that the extras are very limited but of course that is only a downpoint if you’re interested in extra features…

Our Score:

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