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After many previews we’ve finally received the definitive version of Infernal. Those previews were positive, but it wouldn’t be the first game that ultimately doesn’t manage to fullfil the expectations.

Ryan Lennox is fired from the secret agency Etherlight (the 007’s coming from heaven) and fills his days as fallen angel. He seems to like that, if it weren’t for his former employer wanting to kill him. Then he gets a message from Black, agent from hell, who wants Ryan to work for him since all devilish agents have been taken down already. Ryan takes on the assignment to see what Etherlight is up to. That’s the storyline in a nutshell of this shooter.

The tone is immediately set in the first level. With a bar as decor you’re overwhelmed with soldiers that want nothing more than to end your life prematurely. Ryan can take a punch (quite a lot of them actually) and so you wander around carelessly while shooting down one after the other. Also in the later levels things are like this with exception of the boss fights.

These boss fights are very classic. Find the weak spot of the enemy and use it until he goes down. You’ll spend a lot of ammo with this and it seems like the whole game is about that. Getting new ammo is pretty easy though.

Not only ammo is freely avaiable, also opponents are plenty available. You would think that’s a good thing but in this case you really drown in them. The realism is far to be found and there’s nothing to compensate this like f.i. comedy. Also the weapons arsenal is quite shallow. The only “special” thing are Ryan’s psychic abilities as agent from hell like teleportation. Handy in theory but unfortunately this falls short in reality.

The AI doesn’t offer much either. Enemies have the urge to run right up to you and try to get behind you (after passing in full frontal so you got a good look at them). Luckily you get to see some more intelligent behaviour sometimes. Graphics are fine, we get a good idea of the possibilities in this game and also the sound is pretty decent eventhough the heavy metal is a bit forced at times.

This game certainly had potential but now is stuck in superficialness and this results in a lot of missed opportunities. Not much more to say really.

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