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Inside Man

When a couple of painters enter a major bank, it quickly becomes clear that they’re not there to do some painting. They take the employees and customers hostage and close the doors to do some robbing. Detective Keith Frazier and his colleague are sent in to talk with the robbers about their demands as the bank is under siege but while the demands are not unusual (bus & airplane to get away), Frazier has a gut feeling there’s more to it. When the mayor comes along and requests Frazier to assist a woman called Madeline White in negotiating with the robbers, he is even more certain than ever that this isn’t just another ordinary bank robbery.

Sound and Vision:
Universal does a terrific job on the image quality is plenty of detail, good contrast, decent shadow depth, and so on.

The soundtrack is only available in Dolby 5.1 (again an action flick, again no DTS) which does its job nicely by adding atmosphere where necessary and using the surround channels and subwoofer when needed. Good stuff that perfectly fits the movie.

The rental version we got to check out only contained a couple of trailers from other Universal releases

Inside Man is the second movie in the short period of time that covers a bank robbery (Chaos being the other one) where not everything is as it seems. This time, however, plain hard action is replaced by a more subtle and moody atmosphere that makes Inside Man stand out of the crowd a bit. Clive Owen is perfectly cast as the chief bank robber, and Denzel Washington for once doesn’t do his standard ways and even surprises as the aging detective looking for a promotion. And then we haven’t even mentioned the rest of the cast 😉

Inside Man is a very decent movie with a good cast and the dvd has an above average image and sound quality. Concerning the extras, you’ll have to see for yourself as we only got the rental version which doesn’t contain anything.

Our Score:

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