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International, The

Interpol officer Louis Salinger is working together with his partner on a case regarding a big Luxembourg bank that seems to be doing some business that can’t stand the light of day. When his partner gets murdered after a meeting with a potential whistleblower, he starts digging deeper than ever into the matter. Together with Manhattan DA Eleanor Whitman he finds out that the bank is financing terrorist organisations, laundring money, and selling weapons. When he wants to bring the top people of the bank to justice, however, he finds out that they’re helped on all possible levels and that “justice” may have to come in a different form…

Sound and Vision:
The image and sound are what you can expect from a recent DVD release. Colors are natural but stylized depending on the location, there’s a decent amount of detail present and overall there’s little to complain. The same goes for the sound which is mostly focused on dialogue but does use the surround speakers well when action arrives on the screen.

– Audiocommentary by director Tom Tykwer and writer Eric Singer
– Shooting at the Guggenheim
– The architecture
– The autostadt
– Making of
– Deleted Scene

A couple of very informative extras

With the current economic crisis still playing, The International is more actual than it may have wanted to be. Banks doing all kinds of shady things and being helped by corrupt officials… it sounds all too recognisable πŸ™‚

As a thriller it perfectly takes the viewer by the hand and drags him along on a journey into a rather messy world but you do have to keep your attention while watching as the story can be a bit complicated at times. Tom Tykwer, maker of a.o. Lola Rennt, does again a very fine job in delivering a movie that has above average quality and has Clive Owen again trying to show how good he could be in the role of James Bond.

One of the better thrillers of the moment.

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