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Interpreter, The

Silvia Bloom (Kidman) is an interpreter at the United Nations. When one night she goes back to her translation box to pick up her bag, she overhears a couple of men talking about an assassination. When she accidentally turns on the lights in her box, she’s discovered and goes on the run. Little later, she overhears that the ruler of Matobo – the country she’s from – is coming to the UN, she starts to suspect that he might be the target for the assassination. But how to convince anyone that what she heard is real?

Sound and Vision:
Universal has done a fantastic job with the image quality. There’s absolutely nothing to complain about. The same can be said about the sound by the way, dialogues are crystal clear and the music nicely adds to the atmosphere. The surround speakers don’t get a lot of action but give a more thrilling experience in a subtle way.

– Alternative Ending
– Deleted Scenes
– Sydney Pollack at work: from concept to montage
– Differences between “pan&scan” and “widescreen”
– Audio commentary track by Sydney Pollack
– The Ultimate Movieset: the UN
– A day in the life of real interpreters
– Trailers

The Interpreter is without a doubt one of the best thrillers I’ve seen in recent months. Sydney Pollack has done a major job with The Interpreter which turned out to be a very moody movie that doesn’t hang together by action scenes but instead the tension between Kidmand and Penn. The fact that it’s quite “on-the-spot” concerning politics in Africa is an added plus that shouldn’t be underestimated. On the technical side we again can’t complain at Universal as they deliver excellent image and sound. The choice for adding a DTS track with this rather subtle movie did surprise me though.

Our Score:

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