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Interview, The

Eddie Fleming looks like a pretty normal guy who wouldn’t hurt a fly. He keeps to himself and goes out to do some shopping or look for a job. Other than that he usually sits at home. One morning, his place is raided by the police and without any explanation they take him to the station. Before he realises it, he starts to get interrogated by two officers who ask him about a stolen car. But what are they about? Why is he there? What does he have to do with a stolen car?

Sound and Vision:
The Interview has very good image quality with decent contrast, plenty of detail and although things look rather dark and blue-ish, this helps with the atmosphere.

The movie is dialogue-driven so the 2.0 track suffices.


The Interview isn’t your ordinary thriller with a predictable good ending. Instead we’re put in an interview room with two cops and one (probable) killer to see the different psychological games that are being played on various levels. The acting is good (with again an excellent Hugo Weaving) and in the end you’ll be sitting on your seat with a feeling of “what the hell did I watch?” which in this case is a good thing.

Warner delivers The Interview with good image quality and although you don’t need a 5.1 track for this movie, it might have given a bit more atmosphere overall. Too bad there are no extras, a Making Of with some background info on how this movie was created and how the makers came up with the idea would have been nice.

Our Score:

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