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Invasion – The Complete Series

A hurricane comes along the little town of Homestead, Floriday and leaves a trail of disaster. Homes have been wrecked, telephones are down, electricity doesn’t funtion properly anymore, … As the people try to pick up their lives again it becomes clear that several of the inhabitants have experienced something strange. Several men and women that were missing suddenly are found completely naked and confused. Park Ranger Russell Varon together with his brother in law Dave Groves find out that something weird is going on in their little town after they discover a human corpse that’s covered with a strange substance. As they start to investigate things, it becomes clear that both the military and the local sheriff, Tom Underlay who’s the husband of Russell’s ex-wife, know more about what’s happening. Are aliens invading the little town? And what has happened to Mariel, Russel’s ex-wife, who also returned completely naked after the hurricane?

Sound and Vision:
The image contains a couple of compression errors and edge enhancement. Also the special effects are at times very clearly cut&paste which doesn’t always do the series justice as it makes it look a bit cheap. Overall the image is decent though with good contrast and level of detail.

The sound comes in the form of a 2.0 track that does its job nicely with clear and understandable dialogues while your receiver gives a nicely spread sound when put in the Pro Logic stand.

– Deleted Scenes
– Invading the mind of Shaun Cassidy
– Bloopers

Invasion is a very decent sci-fi series that starts off a bit slow and constantly adds questions in the first half of the season without giving too many answers. A bit like “Lost” does so to speak. Next to that it also gives a new spin to the “Body Snatchers” idea that has been used for several movies and remains interesting as an idea. Although there aren’t any known actors present (except for William Fichtner), the cast does an excellent job with their acting and the storyline is very interesting and compelling to follow. Without a doubt this is one of the more entertaining series of late with several cliffhangers present in each episode and plenty of scare moments that can even compete with big budget movies. For that it’s a bit of a shame that the image quality isn’t better and that the series only has a 2.0 soundtrack instead of a fully fledged 5.1 surround track.

All in all, definitely a series any sci-fi lover should check out!

Our Score:

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