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Invasion, The

After a space shuttle crashes, scientists find a strange microbe on the debree. Little later, people all over the US start getting infected by a flu epidemic. Meanwhile, the US government is handing out flu shots in order to stop the disease from progressing. Caroll Bennell is a psychiatrist in Washington who starts realising that people’s personalities are changing and when her husband, a high-ranking member of the CDC (Center of Disease Control), starts behaving strangely as well she’s convinced that he’s infected too. However, it’s too late as when she comes to pick up her son, her husband infects her. The only way for Caroll to remain as she is and to save her son is to stay awake and get help…

Sound and Vision:
There are a few very minor compression errors present but nothing that will bother people too much. The movie has different color palettes depending on the scene and overall these nicely fit the movie. Good image quality!

The film isn’t filled with explosions and special effects and the soundtrack follows this by using the surround channels in a subtle way and giving some mild support from the subwoofer. Overall the sound does its job nicely.

– The Invasion: We’ve been snatched before: quite lengthy documentary about this and the previous “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” movies and the message they were trying to tell.
– The Invasion: A New Story: short feature about the current storyline of The Invasion
– The Invastion: On the Set: short feature on the locations of where the movie was shot
– The Invasion: Bodysnatchers: very short feature on the makeup

All features are accompanied with interview fragments of cast & crew. Quite interesting to check out except for “Bodysnatchers”

The Invasion is the latest incarnation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and like “War of the Worlds”, we this time follow a family that tries to survive what’s happening around them. The pace of the movie is pretty slow but nicely fits the scary way of how the aliens are taking over and Nicole Kidman does an excellent job as the concerned mother who starts to realise something’s wrong with the world and wants to protect her son at all cost. Instead of with tons of special effects and explosions, The Invasion tries to bring terror in a psychological way and nicely succeeds in doing that. You’ll remain at the tip of your seat the whole time while watching and won’t ever be bored.

All in all The Invasion is a very good remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers and this dvd adds some nice extras to that as well along with good image and sound quality. Definitely one to check out.

Our Score:

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