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Iron Giant SE, The

Maine, Rockwell 1957. Hogarth Hughes is a nine-year-old with a lot of imagination. He lives together with his mother who works as a waitress and although both get along good, on the financial part things aren’t too great. When Hogarth goes out at night, he finds a colossal robot that crashed from outer space and now eats everything that’s made out of iron. Hogarth makes friends with the robot but quickly finds out that he’ll need to find food for it as its path of destruction hasn’t gone unnoticed in town. Meanwhile, a secret agent has come to Rockwell to investigate the matter and has found out that Hogarth knows the robot…

Sound and Vision:
The animation is well-done and throughout the movie we didn’t spot anything disturbing. Compression errors or grain are absent.

The soundtrack is dynamic and vivid. Especially when the robot starts to run, the subwoofer gets its piece of attention. However, some more aggressive sound wouldn’t have hurt. The surround speakers nicely do their job with some atmospheric sound and effects while dialogues are well-centered, clear and understandable.

– The Making Of The Iron Giant: documentary that gives a good insight on how the movie was created. Quite informative.
– Music video Cha Hua Hua
– Trailer

The Iron Giant is a great animated movie that portrays the atmosphere that was hanging around in the US during the cold war right after WW2. The paranoya of the US government towards everything that was unknown, the fear people had, the economical problems the US underwent, … all wrapped in a movie that’s targeted towards children but is still more than interesting enough to have adults watch it as well. Technically things are very much okay but the “special edition”-title is a bit stretching things seeing that the amount of extras is a bit on the small side

Our Score:

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