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Iron Man 3

ironman3After having beaten the alien invasion lead by Loki with the help of the other superheroes in “The Avengers”, Tony Stark realises that there’s a ton of work to be done to be able to withstand any and all possible future threats. That he almost died didn’t leave him cold either and he regularly suffers from anxiety attacks which he tries to keep under control by obsessively throwing himself at his work and make improvements to his Iron Man suit – of which he’s developed 42 versions by now.

When a new terrorist who calls himself “The Mandarin” suddenly pops up and starts attacking all over the world Stark tries initially to not get involved, but when his own bodyguard (and friend) Happy almost dies in such an attack he decide to publicly engage himself in the battle. The Mandarin, however, is all too happy to take on the challenge and launches an all-out attack on Starks villa, leaving the billionaire for dead. Stark survived the attack but finds it necessary to remain under the radar while trying to find out together with an unexpected allie who this Mandarin person really is…

Iron Man 3 is a true box-office success and after the spectacle Marvel fired upon us with The Avengers, the culmination of the Marvel movies from the past few years, that doesn’t come as much of a surprise. With this third Iron Man a new series of movies is started up that need to lead to the next Avengers and after the achievements reached so far, there’s no going back. Shane Black (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) got to direct as well as co-write the script, and was assigned to deliver a grand spectacle while also make sure there’s enough depth as well.

Did the man achieve? We tend to believe he did. There’s more than enough big scenes that get smeared out in the trailers, but most of all that Downey Jr. gets to bring forth the weaknesses of Tony Stark makes Iron Man 3 so good. Next to the story about the superhero Iron Man we also get to see the little side of Tony Stark, and mostly regarding his feelings towards Pepper Potts (Paltrow) who’s currently president of Stark Industries. The plot twist with Ben Kingsley wasn’t taken positively by everyone but isn’t too big of a problem and the storyline about Aldrige Killian (Guy Pearce) may be seen coming from afar, but it doesn’t make things less interesting.

Iron Man must be seen as a superhero action movie, nothing more and nothing less. If you expect hi-standing cinema you’re at the wrong address, but if you just want to lay back and enjoy the spectacle on the screen while there’s also a bit of depth to be enjoyed, then Iron Man 3 no doubt succeeds in its goals.

Blockbusters need to shine and luckily publishers these days realise that this also goes for the DVD market. We can’t complain at all about the image and sound quality, this is clearly reference material where IF you were to find an irregularity, it’s of the kind that you would miss if you blinked your eye the moment it passes by. On Blu-ray things will no doubt look just a bit better, but for DVD this is absolute top.

Talking about Blu-ray, you’ll need to get that one if you want to enjoy decent extras. A very short behind the scenes of Thor: The Dark World and eight minutes on the special effects is all we get on the DVD.


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