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Dan Reilly is a farmer who’s best time has come and gone. Due to financial problems, he agrees to let his farm be part of a medical experiment but what he doesn’t know is what the experiment is really about. On a cold winter night, two youngsters that have run away from home arrive at Dan’s farm and although he doesn’t like them being there, he’s quite happy that they help him when the cow that’s part of the experiment gives birth. However, it quickly becomes clear that something’s wrong and when also the local vet comes to check, they decide to kill the beast that just gave birth. What they don’t realise, however, is that the newborn was also already pregnant and that its offspring isn’t dead yet. And it certainly doesn’t want to be killed…

Sound and Vision:
We get pretty dark image that lacks a bit of detail and has some minor aliasing present. Still, overall the quality isn’t too bad seeing that we’re talking about a reasonably cheap movie.

The sound quality is good with lots of use of effects and also good use of the surround speakers for additional atmosphere.

Several interviews with the cast & crew that can be checked out seperately or all at once. Personally I found the presentation to be quite boring though.

Isolation is a budget horror flic that nicely combines elements from Alien with The Blair Witch Project. I know it’s not a combination you would expect, but it does succeed quite well in keeping you interested while watching. Of course, this movie remains a budget flic so don’t expect too much from it but fans of the genre will most definitely like it.

A-film delivers reasonable image quality and good sound on the dvd, added with a couple of interviews for those that get their kicks from extras.

Our Score:

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