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It (Stephen King's)

Derry in Maine is a small and quiet town in the 1960’s when suddenly a bunch of disappearances of children happen with William’s brother being the latest. William and his friends start seeing strange things and a clown called Pennywise seems to be at the center of all murders. When they notice that only they can see Pennywise or the paranormal phenomena, they decide to take things into their own hands and destroy the evil that lives in Derry.

30 years later, they’ve all lead a pretty successful life except for Mike Hanlon who remained in Derry. When again a couple of child murders start to happen, Mike calls his former friends to remind them of the pact they made 30 years before that if the evil would return, they would come back to Derry and destroy it once and for all. Now the time has come to face their ultimate nightmare once again.

Sound and Vision:
The good thing is that we get a widescreen version with sharp detail and that grain is never an issue. The bad thing is that it sometimes looks like the original print wasn’t all too good quality as the colors seem pale from time to time.

The Dolby surround track does all it can with good spreading of the front speakers, clear dialogues and the occasional sound effect from the rear. Still, a 5.1 track would be nice although the complete series would have to be remastered for that.

An audio commentary track and some stills with info on cast and crew is all we get.

I still remember the day I started reading Stephen King’s “It”. I couldn’t put it away, the book had to be finished the same day. That’s how well it is written. Now, King fans can rejoice as the original mini series are released on DVD. Unfortunately, the series is getting a bit out of date. The facts that the budget for special effects and that the second half of the series doesn’t follow the book anymore (“IT” is a spider ???) doesn’t help either. Still, Curry plays incredibly well as the clown Pennywise and Stephen King fans will love it.

Our Score:

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