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Italian Job, The

Charlie Croker (Wahlberg) has the perfect plan for heisting a safe filled with gold and together with his crew he would get insanely rich. Everything goes well and they escape without even a scratch, but that without counting on betrayal from Steve (Norton), one of the crew who wants to keep everything for himself. Steve and his buddies kill Charlie’s mentor John Bridger (Sutherland) and leave the rest of them for dead. A year later, Charlie and his crew are still looking to get even with Steve when they finally catch up with him. Together with John Bridger’s daughter Stella (Theron), they now put together a plan to get the gold back and get back at Steve for his betrayal…

Sound and Vision:
I can’t say much about the image quality except that next to very few compression errors it’s perfect. There’s absolutely nothing to say bad and it shows that after a couple of budget releases, Paramount definitely wants to keep up its name in quality for dvd releases.

Same goes for the sound quality. The rear speakers are actively used for music and effects while dialogues are perfectly coming from the center speaker and the front speakers add to the overall atmosphere. Even the subwoofer gets its piece of the action. Great stuff !

– Pedal to the Metal: The making Of The Italian Job. Standard work where the overall production is covered with interview fragments of main cast & crew
– Getting the Words for The Italian Job on paper: interview fragments with the screenwriters and main crew on how the original movie was reworked to be set in a modern time
– The Italian Job: Driving School: Pretty funny feature on the driving lessons the main cast had to follow for the movie
– The Mighty Mini’s of The Italian Job: big promotional feature on how great the Mini’s are
– High Octane: The Stunts of The Italian Job: more info on how certain stunts were done. Pretty interesting

And we end the extras with deleted scenes, official trailer and an easter egg. Very good stuff which is very interesting and will keep you occupied for a while.

The Italian job is loaded with action although it doesn’t get in the way of the storyline which is very impressive. The movie is a remake of the 70’s classic which starred Michael Caine and I must say that Mark Wahlberg makes a very good Charlie Croker. Remakes tend to be more of the same but here we really get a movie that is based on the same with loads of equal elements but everything is put in a modern sauce and it still works. Great stuff that you just have to see ! After a couple of budget releases, we finally get to see what Paramount can do again as this dvd shines in quality on all fronts; image, sound, extra’s, … it’s all there and greatly worked out. Must have !

Our Score:

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