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Jack Frost

5 years long, Jack Frost managed to kill people and elude the law until he came to the small town of Snowmonton where the local sheriff managed to capture him. He got sentenced to death but when the prison transport transfers him during the night, the transport crashes into a truck filled with genetically engineered acid. Frost manages to escape but when the truck explodes, he gets covered with the acid and gets transformed into snow. Little later, the town of Snowmonton gets terrorised by a killer snowman. Frost has come back to get his revenge!

Sound and Vision:
Image and sound are pretty decent. Nothing spectacular but the dialogues remain clear at all times and nicely coming from the center speaker while Indies did a good job with cleaned up image that has enough detail and nothing that spoils the viewing fun like edge enhancement of compression errors.


Sometimes a movie can be so bad that it actually becomes good. Jack Frost is one of those. Think of a movie that has hardly any decent acting, a script that’s completely absurd, special effects that are laughable and a budget that hardly allows you to buy a hotdog at the local stand. If that is added with absurd plot twists, a “monster” that looks funny, dialogues that try to be cool but become ridiculous because of their simplicity and the shear amount of “cool” quotes that are thrown at you in a timespan of 30 seconds, the experience becomes rather funny instead of scary. That’s what happens with Jack Frost, the second movie ever made by Michael Cooney that even managed to get a sequel a couple of years later. I won’t be saying that this is a great horror movie, but it certainly has its charms and I can imagine why a sequel was made. Nothing in this movie is convincing but it’s fun to watch. People who like cult horror movies like Bad Taste or Braindead will most certainly appreciate Jack Frost except for the fact that the amount of gore is a lot less than with the aforementioned movies. Maybe you should see it as a children’s horror flic 🙂

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