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Jackass: The Movie

Johnny Knoxville and his crew are upon us with the most absurd, dangerous, outrageous and dirty stunts you can imagine. Over one hour and a half of the funniest hidden camera jokes, boxing against a world champion, getting your balls electrocuted, crashing a rented car, … think of a stunt you wouldn’t believe everyone would be stupid enough to do it and they WILL do it.

Sound and Vision:
Unbelievable but true: Jackass – The Movie has great image quality. Although filmed with camera’s you can hardly call professional (everything looks to be done with handycams rather than professional studio camera’s) there’s no problems except for some grain when using night vision or hidden camera’s. The normal viewing has clear and sharp detailed image quality and there are no compression errors present nor edge enhancement. Really great ! One would start wondering why not every movie can have this kind of quality.

The soundtrack may be Dolby Digital 5.1 but that hardly gets noticed due to the fact that other than the normal stereo, the channels are hardly used.

There’s quite a lot of extras but they almost all come to the same point: more stupid stunts done by stupid people but let’s have a rundown anyway :
– 2 commentary tracks, one by director and one by the cast
– The Making of Jackass which shows some behind the scenes footage
– Deleted scenes (more stunts)
– Outtakes (more stunts)
– Promo spots, trailers and video clips

Well, even if you don’t like people shitting and pissing around and calling it humor you’ll probably still find at least one scene with which you can laugh. Also the cameos of celebrities like Henry Rollins, Tony Hawk and Mat Hoffman are pretty cool. Believe it or not but this is unlike anything you’ve ever seen

Our Score:

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