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Jacket, The

Jack Starks has just returned from the Gulf War where he got shot in the head, when he gets arrested near his home town for killing a cop. As he suffers from amnesia, he doesn’t remember what happened except that he didn’t do it and that there was someone else present at the time of the shooting. Nobody believes him but he gets sentenced “not guilty” by reason of insanity and gets sent to a psychiatric hospital. There, he gets involved in a dubious experiment where they pump him full with drugs and put him inside a drawer in the mortuary.

Inside the drawer, he gets flashbacks of his being in the Gulf War but something even stranger happens: he suddenly finds himself in the future where he meets Jacky Price and together with her, he finds out that 4 days after he’s put in the drawer, he dies…

Sound and Vision:
The Jacket has good image quality although there’s quite some aliasing present in certain scenes which should have been avoided.

The soundtrack does its job and nicely uses all channels to create a compelling atmosphere. Especially the scenes inside the drawer are nice on a sound level.

– Interviews with cast & crew
– The Look of The Jack
– Deleted Scenes & Project History

Lately, we’ve been getting some pretty weird movies on DVD like Creep and The Machinist. The Jacket can easily be put in the same line. It isn’t flat out horror like Creep and it doesn’t pose the same atmosphere as The Machinist, but from the first moment, you’re compelled to keep watching to find the outcome of the story. The fact that the cast does an excellent job and that the director did a great job with the filming and creating the tense atmosphere (at times a bit like One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest) of course help a lot. Add to that some interesting extras and good image & sound quality and you’ve got one great DVD!

Our Score:

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