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Jam With The Band

Even when taking into account that the success of rythm games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero probably urged Nintendo to ship Jam with the Band finally to Europe, the release of this game is still long overdue.

Announced back in 2005 as Daigasso! Band Brothers we finally got the game for the DS in our hands and had high hopes for having fun like with Elite Beat Agents. Unfortunately that promise of acting crazy and giggling cannot be fulfilled, but Jam with the Band does manage to provide some value for those that love playing with music.

In this game there’s no need for dancing steps but mostly playing around with a ton of instruments and this by following icons which show which button you need to press when. Only the guitar needs some “strumming” with your stylus. A first warning: this game is all but easy! There may be four different levels but in each song you need to finish different instruments and just about all buttons of your DS get used. It’s some getting used to before you fluently find them all and the fact that the timeline goes from left to right and starts with a new line each time doesn’t make things easier. Don’t despair, however, as for beginners it doesn’t matter which button you use! A game for everyone and this until your fingers and brain start to really ache.

You’ll probably start with Gig of the Day, some sort of career mode where each day you have to finish a new song or instrument. Especially fun because you each time get surprised with a different theme or funny twist but there’s a lot more like a Studio in which you can make your own compositions and afterwards upload them through Wi-Fi.

If you don’t like that you can show your voice qualities in Sing with several well-known numbers from pop history like Material Girl or I’m a Slave 4U. also our inner geek gets his thing with tunes from the Zelda and Mario games. If that isn’t enough you can choose another fifty tracks online to expand the amount that’s already on your cartridge.

You can also play in multiplayer and although that delivers probably even more fun I unfortunately couldn’t test this part. Too bad as those who are together with a bunch of friends need only on version of the game to be able to play with up to eight people. Cudos!

To end we have one downpoint. It’s best to use headphones as the not all too great sound isn’t improved by the less than perfect DS speakers.

Less tough than the Guitar Hero games and less fun than Elite Beat Agents on your own but this game does remain a suggestion for those that want a lot of content, a solid challenge, good gameplay with a Japanese sauce and lots of local multiplayer possibilities. Ideal for on holiday by yourself or with the family!

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