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Jason X

Jason is inprisoned and about to get put in hybernation when a bunch of military come into the Crystal Lake Research Facility and want to take him to another lab to research his regenerative abilities. Jason wouldn’t be Jason though, when he didn’t take this opportunity to free himself and kill everyone. Everyone except Rowan who manages to contain him in a hybernation cell. The last thing he manages to do is cut Rowan and breach the cell which makes the whole room freeze.

Over 400 years later, earth is deserted and only gets visits from scientists taking a look at what’s left. One of these groups enters the research facility and finds Rowan and Jason. Not knowing what they’re doing, they take both of them to their ship and when Rowan gets resurrected (technology has improved a lot) and learns that Jason’s body is also on the vessel, she immediately realises that everyone’s life is in danger. But the killing has already started…

Sound and Vision:
Clear detail, sharp image and good level of darkness combined with a good transfer is something we all love and Jason X may not be such a big budget movie but we do get really good image and sound quality without any disturbing artefacts or compression errors. The soundtrack comes out of all speakers without any problems and also the subwoofer gets to do its thing. Jason X can compete with high budget productions when it comes to this

After the commentary track by the makers of the movie we can check out the “Many lives of Jason Voorhees” which is a 29 minutes documentary that gives a nice overview of the background and history of the Friday the 13th franchise and positions it against other major movies like Nightmare on Elm Street. Pretty good stuff with interviews with the people behind the movies and the man who plays Jason in the last couple of films. Next up is the “Making of” which is rather commercial but still enjoyable. The theatrical trailer is also present but a special mentioning goes to “Jump to a death” which does exactly what its title suggest: you can instantly jump to each death scene in Jason X πŸ™‚ Only minor downpoint: none of the extras have subtitles.

The perfect killing machine has returned and we get a feast in different ways of killing people. I’m sure not everyone appreciates the “Friday the 13th” movies, but you have to take them for what they are: mindless entertainment with a twisted sense for humour. Anyways, the dvd is pretty good with above average image & sound quality and some interesting extras which are – sadly enough – without subtitles.

Our Score:

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