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Jaws 2

Four years after the great white shark kicked ass in Amity, people start disappearing again. Police commissioner Brody (Roy Scheider) who was one of the men that killed the shark, believes it has returned. However, since the small town has suffered greatly on the financial side due to the killings the first time, the town’s council doesn’t want to believe Brody and is scared that putting up extra security measures might scare away possible tourists. And then the killing starts again in full force…

Sound and Vision:
Minor film grain, edge enhancement, compression errors, aliasing, print damages, white spots, … it sounds like the image quality is horrible but to be honest I must say that taking into consideration that this is a movie from 1978 things could have been a lot worse.

What probably couldn’t have been a lot worse is the sound. The original mono track is present on the dvd so those that were hoping on a remixed 5.1 track like with the original Jaws can now go home again and start crying. The Mono track sounds extremely dated and even the music doesn’t really come to effect.

– Making Of: a decent documentary that lasts 45 minutes and takes you through the entire process of making Jaws 2
– Interview with Keith Gordon: interesting feature where the actor talks about the experiences he went through as being a 16 year old boy on the set of Jaws 2
– Feature on the music of John Williams where the crew and Williams himself talk about the importance of his music for the movie
– The French Joke
– Deleted scenes
– Storyboards
– Production pictures
– Trailers

Well, Jaws 2 is not as great as the original movie was but still manages to stand up straight. Ok, by now the “horror” effects of the shark are nothing compared to what movie studio’s can make these days and things kinda look a bit cheesy, but just for old times sake you should still have Jaws 2 in your collection, if only because it’s the last with Roy Scheider in it.

Whether you’ll take comfort in getting this DVD is another thing however. Universal has cleaned up the image a bit and although there are still quite some problems, overall it could have been worse, but the soundtrack is really terrible. If you don’t mind missing the suspense created by John Williams’ soundtrack, you’ll be happily surprised that this dvd contains a couple of interesting extras that give some good background info on Jaws 2.

Our Score:

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