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The small town of Amity suddenly wakes up when a huge shark starts attacking people. Sheider, Shaw and Dreyfuss go out to kill the deadly beast, but find themselves having underestimated the threat when they realise how big the shark is.

Sound and Vision:
For a movie which dates from 1975, both sound and image quality are good. For the DVD release, even a completely new DD5.1 soundtrack was made so that’s definitely a good thing. Minor edge enhancement can be seen, but not to worry about.

The 50 minute “Making of” is definitely worth watching. Next to that there’s some deleted scenes, audio commentary from the director, photo galleries, story boards and some trailers.

Jaws is a classic and you can’t do anything wrong with buying this DVD. The movie itself is already worth it, but the “Making Of” documentary is an extra surplus. The tempo may no longer be of this time, but isn’t that why we like the retro-feel so much these days ? 😉

Our Score:

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