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Jeepers Creepers 2

Every 23 years, the Creeper comes out of his hiding place to feed for 23 days after which he will return to sleep…

A bunch of students are coming back with the schoolbus from a tournament which they’ve won. During the voyage across the country they get a flat tire and have to stop in the middle of nowhere during night time. A shuriken-like object is found in the remains of the tire and while the coach is putting lights around the bus, he suddenly disappears. When the last two adults head off to see where he went, the students see them getting killed in front of their eyes. Now they’re alone in the bus with no-one else to protect them but themselves. And the creeper can smell their fear…

Sound and Vision:
RCV has done a good job with the image quality. Despite 90% of the movie being during night time, the amount of detail is at all times more than sufficient and the black is really deep with a good amount of contrast. Also we didn’t notice any compression errors so that’s a definite plus.

The soundtrack is dynamic and adds to the atmosphere. However, even the DTS track could have used a slightly bit more punch in my opinion. Still, overall it’s pretty decent.

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When we reviewed the original Jeepers Creepers, we stated that it had an awesome start but a lousy ending. With this sequel we can happily say that the ending isn’t as bad as with the original. Sadly enough, the start isn’t as good as in Jeepers Creepers either. Overall, it’s a pretty standard horror movie which remains average at all points. There’s no plot twists, the storyline contains holes and at no point something unexpected happens. Still, fans of the genre will most definitely like this movie

Our Score:

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