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Jeepers Creepers

Trisha and Darry are on their way home, driving through the country, when suddenly a rusty old truck comes up behind them and almost drives them off the road. A couple of miles further, they see the truck parked at an abandoned church and the driver putting something wrapped in a blanket into some sort of pipe. A little later they turn back to the church as Darry wants to check out what the driver was doing. Once there, Darry climbs down into the pipe and finds out that the room below is filled with corpses. In panic, both kids drive to the nearest town to inform the local police, but the “creeper” is already on to them.

The first 30 minutes, Jeepers Creepers is awesome. Unfortunately, after that first period, the movie returns to the Hollywood predictable horror movie and finishes in a huge disappointment. What starts as an instant classic a la Nightmare on Elm Street ends as an overrated B-Movie. Very sad…

Sound and Vision:
The image quality isn’t up to par with modern standards although it’s a modern movie. There are several flaws to be spotted and the bitrate used makes compression errors viewable. The overall sound quality on the other hand is good.

The director gives his comments on the movie through the almost obligatory audio commentary track. Then there’s a 60 minutes “Making Of”, deleted scenes, interviews with cast & crew and a couple of short docs on the set and makeup. Next to that there’s a picture gallery and a couple of trailers. All in all not a bad collection of extras.

Jeepers Creepers could have been a DVD which I would recommend to everyone. It’s therefor so much more sad that I have to say that if you aren’t a real horror-lover you should not get this DVD. It isn’t worth it.

Our Score:

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