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Jet Set Radio Future

Take your average skating game, add some fancy graphics and mix that with a sent of territorial battles, finish with a setting in a mega city called Tokio. That’s the recipe of Jet Set Radio Future (JSRF).

It doesn’t take much of a genius to figure out that JSRF aims for the arcade market. There is no hard work to master the gameplay, no real and exciting story and no realism. On the other hand there is no gore, almost no violence and some catchy tunes. What I’m trying to point out is the fact that this game is accessible for everyone.

Anyways, accessibility alone does not make a good game. Looking at the gameplay shows us that there is little to it: you have the movement controls, a booster button, a spray can button, and 2 trick buttons. Your mission is to gain territory and stay away from the bad guys (surprise surprise). How do you gain territory? Well, you tag your territory by spray painting spots that are marked by an arrow, race opponents of other clans, spray some bad guys and knock them down until they quit standing up again and similar stuff. There is an edge though: you have to collect paint cans so you can paint! (Yep, they covered it all).One remarkable thing: Tokio is suffering from low gravity and the skaters are wearing some kind of magnetic skates because they can ride up some object vertically.

Over to the graphics then. This is where JSRF scores some points because I’m a real sucker for Cell Shaded graphics and they are really top notch in this game. For those that have lived under a rock for the past year, cell shaded graphics are 3d graphics that look like they were drawn as cartoons (in a nutshell that is) and are very trendy in games these days (XIII, Auto Modellista, Zelda).

The characters are well designed, only too bad they put in some moving body parts (you know what ones) which makes the game a bit tacky.
A good thing are the crowded cities, there are people to chase away everywhere! They react pretty well to skating teenagers too.

The sound is more then just present, dj Professor K (yes, really) actually has some good tunes but after a while they get a bit repetitive. Nonetheless the game scores here. The sound effects are pretty much ok to me but don’t expect the most realistic effect ever.

So, what can anyone decide about this game? It has its ups and downs but it isn’t much better than others on some points, no, it’s more a mediocre game that can easily entertain the younger ones for quite some time, but it does not appeal to people that like an edge in their games, a trick that takes hours of mastering or races that take you ten times to win. Instead it just gives you the same action until it gets boring

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